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Crepes introduction

If you are looking to fill your stomach fast but with healthy food, then you can think of a Crepe. Crepes are a common French food in fast food restaurants that are trying to include some healthy options in their menu. People are also adding them to their home menu as they are easy to make, plus you can store them in your fridge for less meal preparation times.

Crepe Makers

You can make your crepes using a normal pan, but using the machine explicitly made for that purpose can be better. There are varieties of o crepe makers in the market, making it hard to select the right one. The best way to ensure the value for your money when choosing a crepe maker is by considering factors such as durability, maintenance, size and power. Most of the crepe makers in the market can meet the standards for light-duty use like for home cooking, but the search for a heavy-duty machine need to be more thorough. If you are looking for a machine for heavy-duty use, look for a machine with sturdy construction, preferably made of stainless steel. Stainless steel crepe makers are durable, plus they are also easy to clean. Commercial crepe makers should also have a cast iron griddle for even and consistent heating. The types of crepe makers you will find in the market are gas crepe makers and the electric crepe maker. The gas Crepe maker heats up faster than the electric crepe maker, but it not as portable as they are. Gas crepe machines also require liquid propane or gas to operate. Electric crepe machines, on the other hand, are energy-efficient and portable, but they are not as time-efficient as their gas counterpart.



More about Crepes

Crepe is a name borrowed from the Latin word Crispus, meaning wrinkle. It is a thin pancake that is made from milk, flour, eggs and butter. Some of the crepes come with toppings like ham, chocolate, dried fruits, bacon, fruits, and vegetables for either sweet or spicy taste. Most people think that these pancakes are only for special occasions, but the reality is that it is a versatile dish that you can have for breakfast, lunch and also dinner. Crepes are made by spreading a thin layer of batter in a frying pan or a crepe pan and frying it with oil or butter. You have to prepare the batter in advance to allow enough time for the floor to swell and for the air inside to dissipate. After standing, you can add water or milk to the batter for finer crepes. One can also use liquor to add to the flavours of the ingredients or to help in breaking down the batter lamps. Crepes are presented in various forms depending on individual preferences and creativity. The most common shapes include half-moons, folding them in the form of a triangle or a roll with fillings inside. People also place some stuffing inside the crepe and tuck it at the edges to form the shape of a small parcel.

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